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Something Tattered  by Sabrina Stark

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Something Tattered (Joel Bishop, Book 1)

Surrounded by sharks and living on her own, Melody Blaire has been too outnumbered to shake things up. But that was all before him – the brooding Adonis who's way too dangerous to play it safe. He's fast. He's fearless. He's Joel Bishop, the hard-bodied brawler who's no stranger to a wicked fight.

Brought together by mischief and mayhem, Melody and Joel soon discover that neither one is quite what they seem. Soon, Melody's wondering…Is Joel's tough exterior hiding the soul of a true artist underneath?

A full-length novel, this new adult contemporary romance is the first in a two-book series starring Joel Bishop. Book-two, Something True, is coming this Fall.

Lawton  by Sabrina Stark

Coming Oct. 15

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Something True (Joel Bishop, Book 2)

This fall, look for the exciting conclusion to Joel and Melody's tumultuous love-story. Separated by forces beyond their control, Joel and Melody are lost without each other. But can they find their way back and finally claim the happy ending they both deserve?

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Lawton  by Sabrina Stark

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