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Lawton  by Sabrina Stark

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There's Only One Girl He Wants, the Girl He Lost... After finding – and then losing – the girl of his dreams, Billionaire Bad Boy Lawton Rastor will do anything to win her back. Anything. Because it's his fault she's gone, and life without her hurts infinitely more than any punch he's ever taken.

He loves her. He wants her. And he's ready to fight for her. She's Chloe Malinski, the plucky college grad who shares his fence, a secret history, and a love of dogs. But to this billionaire bad boy from Detroit, this certain girl-next-door is the only thing that matters. Can he win her back? And if he does, can he keep her?

In Unbelongingand Rebelonging, we heard their unforgettable love story from Chloe, the one girl who captured his heart. Now, in Lawton and Rastor, this fan-favorite bad boy finally tells his side of the story. 


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What I'm Working on Now

Right now, I'm working on several stories that I'm obnoxiously excited about. I don't yet have titles, but here's a sneak peek of what's next on the horizon.

Jaked 3: Funny, I didn't originally plan on writing a third book in the Jaked series, but happily, lots of wonderful readers have requested it. Yay! So that's defintiely on my to-do list for 2016. I'm working toward a release sometime this Fall.

Joel's Story: In "Jake Me," we met Joel Bishop, the youngest of the Bishop brothers. He deserves his own story, don't you think? I do! I'm still working on the outline, and will post more details as the story takes shape. Look for more info coming soon!

And as always, thanks for reading!


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