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Sabrina Stark Reading Order

Good news! All of my series are designed to stand on their own (even though some of the characters interact among the different series). This means that as long as you stick with one couple at a time, you should be fine!

But if you feel compelled to read these stories in chronological order, here's the reading order you'd follow.


Lawton & Chloe



Want to read their love-story from the guy's point-of-view?

If so, also check out Lawton & Rastor.


Bishop & Selena

Illegal Fortunes


Jake & Luna


Jake Me

Jake Forever


Joel & Melody

Something Tattered

Something True


Jax & Cassidy

One Good Crash


Jaden & Allie

One Bad Idea


A Complete Standalone

Zane & Jane

Positively Pricked

Positively Pricked is a complete standalone, separate from the other books.


A Fun Billionaire Duet

Flynn & Anna

Flipping His Script

Jack & Becka


Flipping His Script and Wordless are two related standalones, set in the same world.


Blast Brothers Trilogy

Brody & Arden


Mason & Cami


Chase & Mina




(This Concludes Sabrina Stark Books in Order.)

Look for More Books Coming Soon!